Dagens Næringsliv

The most important
business newspaper in Norway

Dagens Næringsliv

Dagens Næringsliv is Norway's largest business newspaper with a circulation of 85,295 in 2012 (daily). 

Dagens Næringsliv publishes news, investigative reporting, commentary, analysis and debate concerning Norwegian business and society. The paper wants to inform people not just about what is happening, but why. We keep a critical eye on the key players and companies in the financial and business sectors.

Saturday’s DN also has a substantial magazine supplement, the aim of which is to present complex events in the form of a good story and give readers the opportunity to delve deeper. It also covers fashion, technology, design, art, food, wine and lifestyle.

D2 is a lifestyle magazine that offers quality journalism combined with contemporary magazine design and photography of the highest standard. It comes with Dagens Næringsliv every Friday. The magazine covers cultural and lifestyle topics such as design, architecture, fashion, art, travel, motoring, technology, fitness and food.  Importance is attached to reporting on new trends and innovation, but also on the process behind the trends and controversy in these areas. The magazine comes with Dagens Næringsliv every Friday.

Digital products
The DN ePaper for PCs, tablets and mobiles is the physical paper in its entirety, page for page as it is printed. Dagens Næringsliv for the iPad is that day’s issue of the paper adapted for the iPad. In addition to the newspaper content, readers receive extra video content and picture series, an interactive stocks and shares section, news updates from DN.no and interactive Sudoku.


Dagens Næringsliv Amund Djuve CEO and Editor-in-Chief
(Norwegian Business Daily) Ole Johan Sjaastad Director, Advertising and Circulation
  Gry Egenes Features Editor
  Kjetil B. Alstadheim Political Editor
  Bjarne Dramdal Ericksen Production Editor
  Trond Sundnes Developments Editor
Dagens Næringsliv