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The NHST Media Group publishes global publications for the shipping, oil and gas, aquaculture and fisheries and renewable energy industries.

/ Intrafish Media

Intrafish Media publications will provide the best information for the seafood, fish farming and the fishing industry worldwide. Read more

/ Europower AS

Europower AS provides quality news and market analysis to players in and around the power and energy industries. Read more

/ Upstream

The weekly newspaper Upstream is the world's leading paid-for oil and gas industry publication. Read more

/ TradeWinds

TradeWinds is the world’s best selling shipping news provider. Read more

/ Recharge

Recharge is an important provider of news in the field of renewable energy, and is increasingly recognized in many countries around the globe. Read more

  • 30 % IntraFish Media
  • 32 % Upstream
  • 34 % Tradewinds
  • 4 % Recharge
  • 17 % Europower