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The weekly newspaper Upstream is the world's leading paid-for oil and gas industry publication. 

Upstream’s business philosophy is to generate and distribute quality independent news and insight on the global oil and gas industry through whatever channel — hardcopy, electronic or other — is deemed appropriate, and to do so in a sustainable and profitable manner.

Upstream’s influential readers are willing to pay for quality – this is a fundamental element in Upstream´s business philosophy. With an experienced team of 28 reporters located across 14 locations around the world, Upstream can provide the unbiased, independent journalism that readers want.

Upstream’s weekly newspaper has firmly established itself as “best-in-class” in the oil and gas industry worldwide. 

Upstream's global organisation and news prioritisation attract influential readers from 104 countries. Regional strategies are being used in China and Brazil to overcome language barriers in these two important growth markets. Dedicated strategies for the Middle East, Australia and India are also important building blocks for the next few years.

Upstream target senior oil & gas executives across the globe. Ninety-three percent of Upstream subscribers are in fact management and the majority of these senior executives use Upstream and actively in their work. Whether it’s hunting for new business opportunities, keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments, reading about competitors’ operations, checking market data and financials, or simply ‘getting to know first’, Upstream is seen as a valued tool. This is why they are willing to invest time and money in Upstream’s exclusive, hard-hitting news. For them it’s money well spent and an investment in their work, with over 85 percent stating reading Upstream has help them find business leads or opportunities.

UpstreamOnline was launched in 2001 and provides industry related news, analysis and information  all day long five days a week from a global team of journalists exclusively working for UpstreamOnline.

Whether the reader prefers to read Upstream as a newspaper, on the phone, laptop or Ipad – Upstream will keep them up to speed on the global oil and gas industry. The recently redesigned website offers a modern look on an up-to-date technological platform.  



Upstream Erik Means Editor-In-Chief
  Sidsel Norvik Commercial Director