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Intrafish Media publications provides the best information for the seafood, fish farming and the fishing industry worldwide, through print and online publications, industry meetings and excellent independent journalism.

IntraFish Media was established as a fax newsletter for the Norwegian salmon industry in 1994. The business was later expanded by acquiring a number of publications with a 100 year history.

IntraFish Media has positioned itself as a platform for the publication of important business information. It surpasses the competition in terms of breadth and depth of the self produced content published in various news media.

Seafood International keeps the readers updated on developments in the global seafood market and takes up issues related to supply, consumption, production and pricing. Key target groups are retail, serving industry, wholesale, distribution and processing. 

Seafood Processor provides breaking news and articles on technology, trends and people that affect the production of one of the world's most important resources. Key target groups for the publication are seafood processors, manufacturers, logistics managers, research and development personnel. Core readers are decision makers in the seafood production sector working to add value to seafood, which includes processing, packaging, distribution, quality control and food safety.

Seafood Executive 
provides insight into the world of top leaders in the global seafood industry, with a focus on habits, lifestyle, strategies and opinions. Key target groups are leaders in the seafood industry, CEOs, owners and general managers. 
was established in 2012, with updated news from the seafood, fish farming and fishing industry, published daily from offices in the U.S. and EU. Key target groups are the global seafood, fish farming and the fishing industry, as well as managers who rely on the latest news. has developed a mobile app, and a new design of the website include a section dedicated to fishing and farming. 
offers the latest news from the Norwegian fish farming industry on a daily basis. Key target groups are leaders in fish farming enterprises, managers of fish farms, researchers and research institutions in Scandinavia. The website appear with a new design and its own price section.

Fish Farming International is a monthly newspaper, launched in 1973 and has followed the industry since the modern era began. Key target groups are leaders in fish farming enterprises, managers of fish farms researchers and research institutions. The publication has grown along with the industry and regularly informs about current trends. Today the newspaper covers all species of fish and shellfish that are farmed for consumption worldwide, in addition to the new opportunities offered by including biofuels from the ocean, such as algae. As part of this the newspaper last year launched their own sections on feed, new farmed fish species and diseases/risks. The paper also provides financial and market information and information about current mergers and investments in the industry. The newspaper has its own website and an e-paper edition distributed via

Fishing News International is the leading monthly newspaper for the international fishing industry. The newspaper contains news, technical reports, reviews of new equipment and articles on both established and new fisheries markets. Key target groups are leaders in fishing companies, fishing captains, scientists and investors. The newspaper stands out with its own website and e-paper edition distributed via

Fiskeribladet Fiskaren + is the leading Norwegian news provider for the fisheries and fish farming industry. Key target groups are individuals and companies in the Norwegian fishing and fish farming industry, public institutions and research groups. The newspaper and its associated website provides readers with articles from all areas of the industry, including the new technologies industry developments, legislation, resource management, and much more. Fiskeribladet Fiskaren supplies and administered also



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