Future power


Recharge is an important provider of news in the field of renewable energy, and is increasingly recognized in many countries around the globe.

The renewable energy industry, where the cost of wind and solar power has fallen sharply, had a mixed year owing to the financial crisis that gripped much of the globe in 2011. While the traditional strongholds of renewables found the going tough, emerging markets provided plenty of hope for the future.

Renewables companies – particularly in wind and solar – are fast approaching the point at which they can generate electricity at a price competitive with fossil fuels, without subsidies, and there is good reason to expect that Recharge will grow with the market.

Recharge has grown its base as a global news provider, giving priority coverage to wind and solar. The newspaper, which is circulated to influential decision makers weekly, has paying subscribers in 55 countries and is approaching 35 000 unique users monthly online.

Its editorial policy is to relentlessly pursue accurate, exclusive and independent news and analysis on every facet of the global renewables industry.

Recharge has continued to evolve editorially with a first-class global reporting team, which regularly breaks industry news and innovation stories. This has been supplemented with many special focus issues on topical themes, as well as company and personality profiles, plus several daily newspapers for industry shows.

Newspaper subscriptions saw a net increase of 135 subscribers over the year. The number of monthly unique users of almost doubled from January to December, representing vast potential for future subscriber conversion.