Mynewsdesk is the world's leading SaaS provider of digital PR solutions, matching communicators with journalists and influencers.

Being a pioneer in PR tech, the Mynewsdesk web-based platform offers PR professionals and communicators fast and effective ways to tell their stories. 

Over 5,000 companies and 77,000 communicators today use Mynewsdesk to publish and distribute their content, achieve greater visibility across search and social media, connect with key influencers and journalists. Currently 113,000 journalists, freelance writers and influencers find the latest or breaking company news via Mynewsdesk. 

Mynewsdesk is part of the NHST media group and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany and Singapore. 

Mynewsdesk currently serves:

·  50,000 plus brand publishers

·  77,000 communicators

·  113,000 journalists, freelance writers and influencers

·  In 103 countries

·  With offices in 7 markets