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Smartcom:tv was established in 2002 and is Norway’s largest and most experienced supplier of live sound and pictures on the Internet.

Smartcom:tv broadcasts more than 250 live webcasts a year. Smartcom’s customers use webcasts for quarterly reports, capital market days, press releases, internal communication, conferences and seminars. The solutions we supply to customers include everything from planning and production to webcast distribution. Video files are uploaded onto Smartcom:tv’s servers immediately after the webcast ends and are available at the same link as the live webcast. We therefore continue to supply content after a presentation has been broadcast.

Live webcasts can be seen as being a high risk activity. You get just one chance and there are a lot of bricks that need to fall exactly into place both in front of and behind the camera. Smartcom:tv understands that this is a new format to many customers and makes sure that the technology functions and that the company is presented in the way the customer wishes. Our customers include major players in Norwegian and international business such as Norges Bank, Statoil, Statkraft, Statnett, Orkla, Veidekke, PwC, The Norwegian Government’s Service Centre and The Norwegian Parliament.

Smartcom supplies all types of videos and guides the customer from the idea stage to a published video. Smartcom’s employees carefully review what the customer wants to communicate, recommends a format and design, writes manuscripts, prepares production plans, records, edits, publishes and distributes.

Smartcom:tv is an exclusive partner and distributor of Media Freedom in Scandinavia. 
Picture quality, bandwidth and browser, mobile device and tablet compatibility requirements are all challenges a technical platform for live sound and pictures on the Internet should be able to handle.

Media Freedom makes it simply to upload content and publish where the customer wants films to be shown. Customers can access videos from their own desktop using drag-and-drop functionality or upload via a simple web interface if they are on the move.

Some content we want to be viewed by as many people as possible and Media Freedom allows a video to be simply distributed to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. There are however other productions which you only want your own employees or partners to be able to view. We use systems such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption to protect your content. This technology allows the owner of the content to control access to the videos using the same methods used by providers of film hire or pay-per-view on the Internet.


Smartcom:tv  Tore Nergaard  Managing Director